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Overview [ edit ]

AutoCAD is considered a modern 2D drafting and design program. The software offers 2D drafting and design, as well as extensive 3D modelling functions for 2D design. Autodesk released AutoCAD 2016 (v. 20.1) on August 15, 2016. AutoCAD 2017 (v. 20.2) was released in August 2017, along with a new set of features, enhancements and optimizations, and a major update to the design engine.

Overview [ edit ]

Autodesk AutoCAD is the most popular and widely used 2D CAD application for architectural design. It is the industry leader in its field, and is usually the only choice for architects and designers. Although the functionality of AutoCAD is quite extensive, most users design two-dimensional 2D structural plans and interior spaces, and there is a standard model used to store and export 2D plans and drawings. Some users design 3D environments as well, such as free-standing houses, awnings, and building interiors. Some architects also use AutoCAD for engineering and architectural design, including MEP/energy design and building construction.

In addition to CAD, AutoCAD supports 3D graphics, BIM, DWG, DWF, DXF, PDF, and AI formats, sheet metal design, animation, rendering, and architectural design. The user interface has three windows, the drawing area, the status bar, and the Property Sheets. One of the two default scales is depicted in the status bar. In addition to standard scales (mm, inches, feet), AutoCAD supports other units of measurement, including metric, imperial, and other custom units.

The Property Sheets window provides a number of important properties, including wire size, material properties, layers, text, dimensions, views, and more.

History [ edit ]

An early version of AutoCAD was originally released in February 1982 for the Apple II computer, and was eventually released for the IBM PC in June 1983. The first version was known as AutoCAD 3D. In 1987, the MS-DOS version of AutoCAD was released, originally named AutoCAD II. In 1994, AutoCAD X3D, a client/server version of AutoCAD with integrated two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD, was released. In 1998, AutoCAD LT was released, a low-cost, low-end version

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SimTK (software)
SimTK is the name of the library within AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack that provides simulation functionality to the non-visual scripting language, AutoLISP. It has been extended by the AutoCAD Visual LISP (VisualLISP) to include various functions and objects to support the visual scripting capabilities of AutoLISP.

VisualLISP scripts can be converted into VisualLISP programming, or AutoLISP, which can be run directly within AutoCAD or in AutoLISP. VisualLISP is a visual scripting language. It uses the method of programming objects which are automatically made available to the user. AutoCAD supports the addition and modification of objects (such as text, paths, lines, curves, and surfaces) to the drawing canvas. It also supports static drawing properties such as colors and linetypes.

ObjectARX is a C++ class library that enables programmers to write their own modules, extensions, or add-ons for AutoCAD.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
There are a large number of AutoCAD-based add-on applications available for use on AutoCAD systems. AutoCAD Exchange Apps are developed by third parties using the AutoCAD API.

Extension packs
Extension packs allow the user to extend the capabilities of AutoCAD by adding additional features or functionality not already available. Some extension packs can also be used to add features to older versions of AutoCAD, for example, ACIS loader.

AutoLISP is a non-visual language that is used to add custom functionality to AutoCAD. AutoLISP, or AutoLISP, is a dynamic language that allows the creation of dynamic objects. AutoLISP may be used to extend the functionality of AutoCAD by adding custom functionality or add-ons.

AutoLISP is a „visual“ language, which means that it does not require the use of text or labels. Instead, objects and properties are defined on the drawing canvas and become available to the user. An example of an AutoLISP object is a text box that contains a string of text.

AutoLISP is generally used to create add-ons, extensions and add-ons for AutoCAD.

Scripting languages

The AutoLISP language is primarily used to add

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For the AEC guys:

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Import from a printout of paper or a PDF. Use the markups on paper or import directly into your drawing. (video: 3:03 min.)

Simplify your drawings with multi-level links. In AutoCAD, layers are a built-in concept that make it easier for you to manage your drawings. Now you can convert multiple layers to multi-level links to simplify your drawings and reuse layers across your project. (video: 5:06 min.)

Inline and equation symbols for all geometric shapes in drawings. Equations stay in sync with the 3D model. By default, only inline symbols are displayed. (video: 2:39 min.)

Multi-object relationships are no longer dependent on spatial order. You can quickly and easily define multiple objects within a single relationship and define the order of the objects. (video: 4:06 min.)

Improved import process and import of existing files. In addition, existing XML files can now be opened for editing.

Simplify navigation of objects within a drawing by quickly creating and editing navigation paths. Easily create a navigation path and use it to navigate throughout your drawing.

Linked objects and toolbars can be shared across drawings. Give one drawing an icon on the title bar so you can share it across multiple drawings. (video: 6:29 min.)


Enable access to OneDrive from your computer and your Windows phone. Now you can create, edit, collaborate, and sync files in OneDrive directly from your Windows desktop and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

When you open a drawing in AutoCAD, you can now open a OneDrive file directly. You can add or remove files and folders in your OneDrive to your drawings.

Automatic sync of files between your computer and your drawings. On Windows, automatically sync files between your computer and your drawings. On macOS, automatically sync files between your computer and your drawings.

Customizable task bar:

Customizable task bar makes it easier to access your favorite features.

Customizable task bar allows you to customize your default task bar according to your needs. Whether it is to quickly open a drawing, save your work, or get a list of frequently used files, you can add and remove task bar icons and rearrange icons.

Snap to selection:

Draw freehand on a design and the drawing is automatically snap to the closest object or line.

System Requirements:

Memory: 2 GB
Processor: Intel Core i3-2330 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X / AMD FX 8350
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7970
Storage: 12 GB available space
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Graphics drivers: Latest driver available for your graphics card
Internet connection: Broadband or Ethernet
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