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Experience the story of a young office worker, who moves to a new town.
In this visual novel, there are many monsters and different kind of love interests.
Players get the opportunity to take the protagonist on a journey where he will try to find love.
At the same time he discovers the true face of the monsters in the city.
Enjoy a well-made story that explores the theme of love, and the relationship between humans and monsters.
· Multiple story lines and over 8 endings
· Intense action elements and dramatic scenes
· Gorgeous visuals
· Multiple love interests
· Gorgeous CGs
· A romantic story with a bit of a comic touch!
· Dynamic gameplay and light humor
· The game has a positive message
· Beautiful illustrations
Watch Chris Wells’s first impressions about Monster Lovers:
If you would like to contribute with translations, leave your email address here, and we’ll keep you updated.

Welcome to MONSTROUS!
If you like my work, feel free to check my other game called Youjo Senki.
This is a visual novel game that tells the story of two Japanese high-schoolers, Youjo Ryosuke and Yui.
The game has three routes, the main one being the „Love Triangle“ where Youjo Ryosuke will choose among three girls.
Keep in mind that the three girls are not only high-schoolers, but they are also the high-schoolers of the three rival schools.
The „Cool School“ Route is about the „Cool School“ and its
incompatibility between the human school and the monsters, that will end up in a violent confrontation.
The „Faraway School“ Route is about a new junior high school that is being built in the town, and the worries that it will be abandoned as the new high school is finished.
The „Lonely School“ Route is about two students from rival school, who have a secret love that won’t be able to go anywhere because of the school rivalry.
The story will evolve as they experience various events in their lives in the years that they are in high school.
If you would like to contribute with translations, leave your email address here, and we’ll keep you updated.
TMOH Games Team:
– Peko Peko: Game Design, Programming, and QA
– M.A.RA.X: Game Design


DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Janemba Features Key:

  • Mining hapless
  • Mining must be skill
  • Collect ore more ore
  • Ores are dropped like pods
  • Earn Gold
  • Enough Gold for unlocked gears
  • It’s quite simple and quite hard

Software system requirements:

  • 1GHz, 512 MB RAM
  • 1GB hard disk space (available space are doing the calculation)
  • 4GB+ memory (3GB+ for gaming)
  • Windows XP/7/8/10

Supported Video Card:

  • 128MB (512MB for gaming machine)



Create your own drift stunt racing career and compete in the Drift Stunt Racing Championship!
Roadkill Games is a new game studio founded by former Electronic Arts and EA Sports guys based in Santa Monica, California.
The first game from Roadkill Games is an arcade style, drift stunt driving simulation where players compete in a world championship in the drift stunt racing genre.
The game has a dark, gritty aesthetic that helps to establish a unique game experience and make the game stand out from the crowd.
Roadkill Games is planning to release the first Drift Stunt Racing title in 2019.
Roadkill Games is committed to high quality and an enjoyable experience for drift stunt racing fans.
For more information visit

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DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Janemba Crack + [32|64bit] [Latest]

A narrative-driven adventure game with some light platforming mechanics and a retro style.
A modern puzzle game made in the vein of the aforementioned Gunpoint.
A handful of smaller content updates will be released periodically.

Scoring last place in the game was still one of the most fun and gratifying feelings I have had.


A game that plays out like a traditional puzzle game, where you must locate and activate switches in order to open and close trap doors.


Arrow Keys – Move

Space Bar – Switch

Page Up/Down – Zoom

Mouse – Pick and Interact

L Control – Crouch/Swim

Dpad – Scale

Left Stick – Focus/Shift

R – Dodge/Block/Backdrop

G – Aim

A – Dash

H – Rotate

D – Change Target

M – Toggle HUD

J – Light Flash

K – Toggle StageFlash

X – Restart Level


T – Undo

Shift + T – Slow

Arrow Keys + T – Speed

Click + T – Toggle Play/Pause

L Control + T – Spawn Shotgun

Scroll Wheel – Portrait

0 – Camera Zoom

Space – Show/Hide Inventory

Page Up – Show Health Bars

Page Down – Hide Health Bars

Left Stick – U-Turn

Right Stick – Look

Q – Toggle Current Target

W – Zoom In/Out

Escape – Cancel Current Target

I – Aim Down Sights

F – Free Aim

Space Bar + I – Pickup Item

I’m going to start here because the official write-up on Steam doesn’t go into much depth about these games, and has me confused a bit as to what exactly each game does and how to beat it.

Gameplay-Heavy Rain:

This is a point & click adventure game with some fun elements of third-person shooting. You play as Ethan Winters, a programmer who gets transported into the body of his dead daughter. You’ll explore a bunch of small town areas, interacting with different NPCs and discovering more of what happened to your daughter. It’s a pretty cool, atmospheric game, and the puzzles are actually pretty challenging.


This game takes place in the same universe as


What’s new:


Aluminium (in ISO 3664) is the name used for the degree of colorlessness of samples of aluminium.

ISO 3664 defines the color of aluminium by using the following values:
grey ( ),
white ( ),
strong white ( )
pink ( * )

Coloring agents for the different degrees

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the use of aluminum which is naturally gray,
the application of bluish-gray pigments such as natural or synthetic

Those natural colorings with diffusive character are referred to with the definition of „strong white“ color. In general „strong whites“ cannot be achieved while relying on mixing other metals with aluminium. Very thin layers of colouring agents used in this manner have a substantial impact upon the properties of the alloy.


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This is a combat game for entertainment.
You will be able to choose a character to play, and you will be able to compete against a dinosaur and a monkey,
and you will have to defeat them.
Review and play this game, with two different personalities.
Keyboard and mouse, configure and move the character, in a great adventure.
It’s Up to You the Winner!
Single player:
Left: A.
Right: S.
Enter: Spacebar.
Controls for two players:
Press and hold the control A to change the character.
Press and hold the control S to change the character.
A = Ape, S = Spring
puzzle quests
Archeopteryx (a dinosaur)
a monkey
a monkey
DUMMY (Idle state)
Keyboard and mouse, configure and move the character, in a great adventure.
S = Show Control Panel
P = Previous Menu
F = Next Menu
Arrow keys:
↑ = Up
↓ = Down
Left/Right arrow:
– = Move left
+ = Move right
– = Start Game
+ = End Game
1- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 = Choose Attack
J = Jump
END = Restart
O = Credits
KEY = Beat
ESC/Q = Quit
RESTART = Play Again
FIGHT = Game Over
PLAY AGAIN = Continue
Use SHIFT KEY to minimize game
Press „ESC“ KEY to quit this game
■ Battle Game
Choose your character.
2. Choose to „Fight“, „Restart“, or „Continue“.
3. Choose your Attack: Arrow Keys or MOUSE BUTTONS.
4. Choose to Rest or Attack during the game.
5. Choose a „+“ or „-“ to add or remove the Time Limit.
6. Count the number of rounds.
7. Quit the game by pressing ESC


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    System Requirements:

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    Microsoft Silverlight
    Flash 10 or later
    Java 7 or later
    The Chai Geisha(Chai Jai) manga (only for the “Play” version)
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    The Demon of the Beginning, Demon of