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Common terms used in the art of Photoshop

The names used to describe various features in Photoshop may seem strange at first, but they have acquired a kind of meaning over time. Some of these terms are used by graphic designers, some to just photographers; however, even photographers using Photoshop can benefit from the learning tools on Adobe’s website and in this guide. Some common terms are given below, with a brief explanation to help you learn Photoshop.


Color refers to the different hues you can select from a palette of colors. You can use hue, saturation, and brightness to change colors.

Hue is the angle of the color. The degree of hue can be set by clicking on the color swatch with a number dial on the screen. Once you have set the hue, you can adjust color saturation with the saturation dial.

The saturation dial uses bars with a color swatch. When you click on one of the bars, it is colored in the hue you selected. You can adjust the saturation by moving the bars up and down.


Black and white refers to grayscale.

In Photoshop, you can change the tones of gray by moving the sliders.


Gradient refers to the gradual blending of colors, often called a blend or gradient. A gradient fills an image or shape area with a single color. To create a gradient, first pick a color, then click the color ramp.


A layer is a geometric object and a group of linked layers. You can add, combine, and adjust layers as you wish.

You can add a new layer to an image by clicking it in the layers panel. You can move, copy, resize, and even delete layers. You can lock a layer in place by selecting it in the layers panel, then clicking the lock sign on the layers panel.

Layer Masks

A mask is a type of layer that filters out selected areas. When a layer is masked, the layer can change only where it is masked. You can use the Brush tool to add color to a masked layer. When using a layer mask, the layer in the Photoshop window changes as you paint.

Sometimes it is convenient to apply a layer mask to an image, then set the layer to display only the areas that you wish to reveal.


Difference refers to the subtraction of colors, or the

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Compatible with macOS and Windows (including RT versions of Windows 10), it has a one-time fee for basic (for Windows and macOS) or monthly fee (for macOS) for cloud-based storage and access to user features.

For computers that do not have a great graphics card, or users have higher storage needs, features are limited to the basics – cropping, flipping, rotating, red eye removal, auto-enhance, picture quality, colour and black and white conversions, printing and retouching, etc.

Some of the features and edits require you to have Photoshop or the latest version of Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is also a free version of Photoshop.

Check out the features list below.

Elements 16 Features list

Here is a list of all the features and edits supported in the latest version.

Edit your photos, even your RAW. The RAW support not only reduces the need to use a RAW photo format but also lets you edit any photo RAW files. With Elements, you can access the RAW version. RAW pictures are supported by most cameras and can be used when shooting with the Canon camera. Remember you need to apply a RAW converter (such as in Adobe Lightroom) when editing RAW photos.

Edits to your images or videos is easier with Elements. You can use the Touch Bar to edit your images and videos. And also, you can add a selection to your pictures by using the new – Touch Bar – Selection tools.

The new touch bar tools include the Edit > Transform > Photo Size and new tools for adding a selection to an image. There are also a few new filters, new options for video masks, and ability to edit RAW files.

If you want to use the new crop to portrait as a main template, this feature is now in Elements. You can use crop to portrait and apply a main template to crop your image.

Thanks to the new touch bar tools, you can edit and rotate your images and videos. Select your edges and the region you want to crop. You can also use trim and select edges to add borders to your image.

Photo-borders now lets you add and edit borders to your image. You can add borders, resize them, change the colour, style and texture.

Smart Sharpen lets you apply a new sharpness effect to your images and videos. You can select from the presets, or use your own settings to modify the amount, type, radius

Photoshop 2022

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System Requirements For Photoshop 2022:

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
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Storage: 4 GB available space
* Language: English
* If you downloaded the trial version before 8 September 2016, you have to install Steam (if you haven’t installed Steam yet, you can install Steam in 15 minutes)