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I use windows7 SP1 enterprise with all the standard updates applied.
I am using Windows Media Player.
The player does not show any errors or warnings.
The button to save as works, and a new playlist with the video is created.
The video plays in the playlist fine, but when I hit the stop button, nothing happens at all.
I’ve tried the following:

Reboot the computer
Start from a clean install of Windows 7
Download Windows 7 from the official Microsoft site (see links in my original question)
Download and install everything from the Windows Media Player 11 Center (see links in my original question)
Check for updates to Windows 7 through the Windows Update service
Disable all Windows Media Center components
Recheck the default settings of Windows Media Player
Recheck the default media and playback settings of Windows 7
Rebuild the Windows Media Player 11 Component Store and completely reinstall it
Search the web for anything relating to my problem
Follow the standard troubleshooting steps listed on the following pages in the following links:

The problem is that I could not find a solution to the problem. I only found obscure workarounds and not a solution to my problem.
Has anybody had a similar problem or have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


I have encountered the same problem, but it’s resolved now, I believe. The workaround is set the encoding, and video profile, to the MTS file.
In your case, the video profile is MP4-ES, and the encodings is H.264.


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